White Gold Plated Car

White Gold Plated Car - 

I am sharing a car of impressive, "Bugatti Veyron" L'Or Blanc , a white gold plated.

For the geometry of car interiors will operate "Bugatti Veyron" L'Or Blanc engine W16 with four Chargers turbo 8.0-liter generates power 1001 hp capacity, to accelerate super car from 0 to 100 km / h in 2.7 seconds before hitting the top speed which amounts to 407 km / Q.

The car also features a porcelain in the internal and external design and is the only one in the world that are used in ceramic design.

It was the use of ceramics in seven locations inside the car and outside, namely: the exoskeleton in the wheel centers, oil and fuel containers, lids and badge "EB" installed in the back of the car, and was also used in the vicinity of the control panel, command and flaps on either side of the control panel, the surface Removable , dish polished diamond above the center console, and the backrest located between the seats, and that seems to form an elephant standing on their hind legs.

It is worth mentioning that the car is a single copy in the world, which sits on the throne of beauty and luxury, and got a coating of white gold glitter breathtaking, was sold in 2012 in the amount of $ 2.4 million.